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YOUTUBE: It’s Not Just Singing Monkeys!


Everyone is guilty of getting hooked into a YouTube trap.  You may set out to learn how to bait a fish hook or know how to perfectly cook pasta, but sooner or later you find that hours have passed and you are watching a cat chase its tail or an old lady twerk.  It’s all about going “viral” these days.

There was a time when “viral” meant something disease related and scary—although it still does, for some, the meaning has somewhat changed.  We now use the term “viral” to refer to an online video that becomes popular through the process of Internet sharing, video websites, social media and e-mails.  There is no precise measure of what makes a video viral but many bloggers say it’s over a million hits, some say five million.  Regardless, to go viral means to spread quickly and greatly…like, well, a bad disease.

For awhile, many thought YouTube was simply a place to watch a long-lost music video, watch someone get kicked in the groin, or see the reaction of a monkey when its adopted human mother returns after a week’s vacation.  Those are all fun, viable reasons for spending hours and hours in front of your computer screen but for the sake of our argument, we would like to illustrate the power of YouTube for your social media marketing needs.  With the power of creating videos and gaining instant exposure online, your company can effectively use YouTube and other video sharing sites to your advantage.  The bottom line is more people will see your brand, learn about your business, gain information about your products and services; there is nothing but pure potential.  A simple video showcasing your business or product can go a long way for generating revenue and buzz about your business.

The Dummies Guide to Social Media Marketing reports that YouTube gets 3 billion views a day and that 70% of those are not even in the U. S.  With those kind of numbers it is easy to see how an online video can be used to your great advantage.  You want to go viral for maximum effect but you don’t want to spend a fortune.  Here are some things you can do to get the most out of online video marketing strategies and boost your company’s visibility astronomically.

Your video/s should include your company logo, employee visibility, physical location, footage of what you do, etc.  Take a tour of your facility, talk about what you do, interview customers and employees, make it fun!  YouTube is free.  All you have to do is upload your video.  From a social media marketing perspective this should be music to your ears.  Having said that, however, it does take a budget if you want to produce and maintain quality videos or create your own YouTube channel.  1926 is ready to accept the challenge and make you a raving success.

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