Traditional Advertising Versus Online Advertising – 1926 Marketing


Advertising and marketing will make or break a company.  Businesses spend billions of dollars annually on ad campaigns, advertisements and promotions.  Technological advancements have drastically altered the ways in which companies advertise and recruit potential buyers.  Based on the amount of money spent on traditional forms of advertising we know that it works.  Well.  What businesses and companies also realize is that online advertising works.  Better.  Online advertising works so well that nearly every company has a website and online ads, those that don’t are quickly jumping on board.  Here’s why.

The Search Engine Journal reports that you can reach the same number of people with online advertising and digital marketing as the Super Bowl audience for 25% of the cost online.  Facebook reports over 1.1 billion users, which is three times the size of the U.S. population.  There are over 3 billion Google searches a day.  90% of purchases are now believed to begin online.  Even if we are going out to shop we can begin the process online.  This makes online advertising much more effective than other traditional forms of advertising (newspapers, magazines, print ads, radio commercials, billboards, fliers, posters, television commercials, bus ads, benches, calendars and other promotional handouts).

Online advertising is successful simply because of the number of people you can reach.  To be online is to be everywhere at once, increasing your brand awareness and company visibility and making more money.  Companies save money by using online advertising techniques because they are more cost effective and the number of people that see them is significantly greater than with traditional forms of advertising.  Again, you save money and can make more money by advertising effectively online.  As a business operator utilizing online advertising you can evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising by tracking and analyzing the traffic to your websites.  This does take time and energy because someone has to stay on top of your website and other social media in order to make sure they are properly managed and that clients and consumers are getting accurate information—but the payoff is worth it.

The cliché “time is money” is one we hear all the time, but one we would almost all agree with in business terms.  Traditional advertising costs more and the preparation time is greater.  Online advertising takes time and money but the impact is greater and the ability to make adjustments and launch new products and info is instantaneous.  Companies that may normally take weeks or months to launch an ad campaign in traditional advertising can do everything in nearly one day with online advertising.  Also if your business is not bringing in the desired return on investment, you can rework your marketing strategies and build a better campaign much faster.

Online advertising is even further more appealing because it is less intrusive than traditional advertising because there is no salesperson and the consumer can control their experience.  The internet and social media have changed public attention span, so by using these as advertising tools, companies can keep up with shorter attention spans of their viewers.  Technology keeps moving forward and your business must as well.  Online advertising is the place to be.

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