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Social Media is the New Cocktail Party

Social Media…two words that you hear ALL the time, if not everyday. Even though it’s been around for quite sometime, have you ever stopped to think about how big it has gotten in the last few years and the power of it all?

 Think about it…First thing you do when you wake up and roll out of bed, you instantly start scrolling through your newsfeed to see what posts you’ve missed. Maybe you’re taking your lunch break and the salad you ordered looks so colorful and well put together – so you snap an awesome shot of it, throw a filter on it and ‘WA-LA,’ it is now Instagram worthy. Perhaps, Monday night you’re watching, ‘The Bachelor’ or better yet football – you’d be lying if you said you weren’t scrolling through your Twitter feed during and in between commercial breaks because you know people are talking about it.

 Social Media is not only the best way to stay in the loop of things but most importantly is it the best way to interact, engage and communicate with others. Social Media is the NEW cocktail party. What do I mean when I say that? Well for starters, cocktail parties are generally designed to socialize and network with people. You start to mingle and find a common bond with others whether it’s work, school or something as simple as having the same mutual friend/s. That is EXACTLY what social media is used for – to stay interacted with the people you already know but also to network and communicate with those we don’t and to build new friendships.

 For example, say that you posted a picture on Facebook of a coffee table you purchased and a couple of people liked your post – well that same picture will pop up onto other peoples news feed which will draw more “likes” to your post. Then the comments will roll in and people will then begin to ask you where you bought this adorable coffee table – so you tell them the name of the company and what are they going to do? They will head straight to the website which means more traffic and consumers for that company. Social Media is one big referral and that is great to think about if you are a business owner.

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