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We all have that “friend.”  They say they want a job, send out multiple copies of their resume, check job postings like crazy; yet never seem to have any luck gaining employment.  Maybe you have even been in a situation where unemployment is giving you the blues.  You and your “friend” say you are ready to do something about it, get out there and find the job of your dreams.  Here’s a secret: you have to actually DO something about it, not just say you want to.  Yes the unemployment rate is up, yes the economy has a taken a bizarre turn in the past decade, yes it’s hard out there.  We realize all of this is true but 1926 Marketing is hiring!

As a recent college graduate many of us find ourselves free, independent, educated and ready to take on the world.  We come away from our time at college with our hopes set high, ready to make it big.  The problem is that recent graduates and people seeking employment often don’t realize it but they are wearing those glasses that have rosy lenses, thinking wonderful jobs and high salaries are just going to fall into their laps.  Unfortunately, no longer does a diploma a six-figure salary guarantee.  Two and three diplomas don’t even guarantee that.  It is frustrating to graduate college and then get hit with the harsh reality of student loans, credit card bills, and the terrifying job market.  We know it and we feel for you.

You will be a success, but it takes time. And work.  It also takes an honest look at your career expectations and goals.  The reality is that you usually have to enter a job at the ground level and be willing to work your way up in a company.  You can’t just suit up, show up, spin the number wheel on the LIFE game board and earn unrealistic amounts of money, cars, and houses.  Once upon a time, for some, that may have been possible, but in the realistic market of today there is simply too much demand and not enough supply.  You must start at the entry level and work from the ground up as you gain experience.   It is sad to say that most jobs don’t start you by handing out six figure salaries, cell phones, company cars, and corner offices anymore—if they ever did.

No one is saying that you should settle or set the bar low.  That is obviously not true.  We all have aspirations and goals and we can all reach them.  What we are saying is that you should re-evaluate what you are looking for in a job in respect to what you are willing to put into a job.  A major lesson we have learned in life is that an attitude of entitlement never serves you well.  When you approach the world with a sense that you are owed something, it never fares well for anyone involved.  Yes unemployment is high, yes some jobs are in short demand, but there is still a capability to earn a great income and have the things you have always dreamed of.  Social media marketing may be the answer for you.

The good news is that 1926 Marketing is looking for creative web designers, ambitious sales people, and individuals interested in social media marketing.  If you are qualified in media and communications, enjoy sales and marketing, and have a drive to succeed, check out what 1926 Marketing may have to offer you.

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