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If It’s Not Broke…Fix It Anyway

Face it.  2015 is not 1985.  The music that was on the radio then is now considered oldies.  The pants you wore are now vintage, retro.  The movies you watched are coming out on blu-ray, being re-released as special 30 year anniversary editions.  There are many changes that have occurred culturally and technologically and this has changed the way we do business and relate to the world around us.

We hear the age old quip, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it,” all the time and realize that while there may be some truth to that, we would like you to challenge the notion and fix those things that you consider just fine.  Change is never easy but it is essential to keeping up with a current market and economy.  Customers and patrons constantly are bombarded with choices, products, services, and decisions to make and that makes for an ever-shifting business world.  We urge you to stay abreast of these changes and use the tools that are at your available to maximize your success potential.  For example, a dentist that has been practicing for thirty years may not necessarily immediately understand how using social media to communicate with patients may make their business more successful, or easier.

While most professionals are connected to social media, all too many brilliant ones still cringe at the thought of picking up a device and putting information out into the world.  If business seems to be going along fine and the numbers are good, why make any changes, you may wonder.  The truth is social media advertising can reach more people than most other forms of traditional advertising and is showing notable success in boosting pre-existing business and companies.  You are not doing anything wrong, we are just asking you to perhaps think about broadening your horizons and using social media in a larger way to advertise your products and services and communicate with your clients and customers.  This builds retention and customer loyalty and that’s what it’s all about.  Not to worry either, if you like those 80’s pants, go right on wearing them—they’re back in style.

-What was your first exposure to social media?  How can you effectively tweet, blog, etc. and be present and known but not overwhelming?

-If your company embraces change and makes transitions easy and fun for your clients and customers, then changes can be subtle and effective.  The main thing is removing fear and stigma that some associate with social media by keeping your customers well informed and making your social media outlets easy to understand!  1926 Marketing

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