Get help with your Online Presence!

1926 Specializes in Social Media, Lead Generation, Re-Targeting, Email Marketing, Web Design, Blogging, & Drone Videos. We Tailor Our Packages To Your Budget & Bring You The Results!



Develop Systems

1In today’s busy world we need systems to help keep it all together. We will sit down with each individual client and help develop systems that will work for them. This is not an “If you build it they will come”, type of deal. Some may need information researched and we have the ability to help with that aspect as well.

Status Updates

2We will post pre-approved status updates to make it easier for the individual/client. Content is researched via blogs and articles that may pertain to their niche and post accordingly. Too often this is where the overwhelm can occur. It is almost impossible to do all the research and maintain your business and we can help.

Decide Platforms

3The fast paced client may enjoy Twitter but will be missing out on a large avenue or potential on Facebook or LinkedIn. We can monitor their profiles on the other outlets to help expand the exposure that is necessary in the online world. The same applies to the offline business that is trying to get more exposure online via the social media platforms. We do all the digging and research so they don’t have to.


4All too often individuals may feel that they are not being authentic if they are not answering all of the ‘tweets’ or messages on the different social media platforms. Let me stress that we do not post anything that the client has not already approved or sent to us in advance. We
are here to support the digital relationship and engagement that is necessary to succeed in the online world.